Affiliation Number : 1931276

Siva sakthi Vidyalaya aspires to inculcate educational and moral values among students, and provide strong educational foundation for students who are keen to blossom in their career. In raising future citizens, Sivasakthi Vidyalaya strives to offer best education and training, as it never fails to offer the care and attention that the students deserve.

Siva sakthi Vidyalaya has good student strength from Pre.K.G to grade XII, as the instructors at our institution go all out to enhance the mental, physical and spiritual growth of children. Unwavering in intent and limitless in passion, Sivasakthi Vidyalaya has taken strong strides in its pursuit of excellence, when it comes to imparting best education and knowledge necessary for students to flourish in their career.

Our sole objective is to achieve consistent results, and guide our students to perform well in curriculum and co-curriculum projects. At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, students get benefited from the vibrant education program built to sharpen the intellectual prowess of children. The academically challenging environment at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya promotes intellectual curiosity, as the students also develop a sense of responsibility to register good academic results in the process. In short, we expend energies to ensure students' holistic development.

Apart from providing its focal attention to achieve academic excellence, Sivasakthi Vidyalaya stresses the need for value education and cognitive development, as it also ensures that students exhibit good conduct and behavior in the campus. We devote our time and energy to educate and train tomorrow's strategic citizens, as we provide great many opportunities for the students to participate in various co-curricular activities. Students at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya can make use of the opportunities to sharpen their abilities in sports, fine arts and physical educational activities by participating in various activities.

Top human capital, excellent physical infrastructure and ideal learning environment at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya seems to be the winning combination that has set up an ideal learning platform for the students, which has also allowed Sivasakthi Vidyalaya to earn accolades from various quarters. The dedicated and experienced teachers at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya guide and motivate students to achieve top grade academic standards, while taking care to address the individual needs of students.

The aesthetically designed campus, adequate open space, spacious classrooms, and various other amenities have been designed to make the students feel liberated and free, and help them register successful results in their pursuit of academic excellence. Sivasakthi Vidyalaya is the student's home away from home, and it ensures the growth of your child.