At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, we believe that proper infrastructure and facilities are quintessential elements for an institution that wants to provide top class education to students. The best of infrastructure at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya is aimed to concoct the right atmosphere that inspires students to achieve academic brilliance. The big campus, well-equipped classrooms, the modern library and the large playground allow Sivasakthi Vidyalaya to train and educate its students in the best possible way.


The sprawling campus at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya is one of the strong points of our institution that has allowed students to feel liberated and make headway in their learning efforts. The campus allows the sort of space that a child needs, and it is a centrally located campus that is green and clean. The campus at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya unveils well-equipped classrooms, offices and blocks that stage various activities for students. Sivasakthi Vidyalaya takes pride in its campus that provides a warm welcome to children and that provides an enriching environment for the students to enjoy their learning stint.


Sivasakthi Vidyalaya realizes the significance of classrooms, and we have created the right learning ambience through our classrooms. The well-ventilated and spacious classrooms are built to ignite the students' interest to learn, and to afford extreme comforts to students who expend sincere efforts to register academic brilliance. Classrooms at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya are well equipped with the needed amenities, which are built to provide the right environment for the child to learn and make progress in his/her academic career.


One of the features at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya that really has been the source of strength for students to sharpen their knowledge is the well-equipped library at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya. With a huge collection of books that kindle the curiosity of young minds, the well furnished library at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya carries books that impart knowledge on various subjects. Unveiling a calm and inspiring atmosphere, this library proves to be perfect place for children to cull knowledge on various topics. The modern library at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya is a place for the curious minds to realize their dreams and to garner knowledge in the process.

Large playground

At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, we are cognizant of the fact that 'All study and no play make Jack a dull boy' and the large playground at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya allow the children to play to their heart's delight. The playground at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya also comes with ample amenities, and it stages various sports that kindle the interest of children.