Welcome to Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, an enterprising institution that has been established to provide top notch education to students and guide students to achieve academic brilliance in the process. At, Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, we never shrink from introducing groundbreaking measures to re-invent ourselves and to impart knowledge in the best possible way. This has resulted in progressive teaching methods that have produced a great change in the way education is imparted at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya.

With the sole aim of shaping and educating future generations, in order to raise good citizens, Sivasakthi Vidyalaya offers the best educational platform that allows the student to register success in all walks of life.

With the sprawling campus that allows the child to feel liberated, with well designed learning facilities, and with modern talent promotion and sports infrastructure, Sivasakthi Vidyalaya proves to be a fitting institution that nurtures a child's talent, and a springboard for the child to build a robust academic career. The highly qualified mentors at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya never lack experience or expertise in their subjects, and the instructors go out of their way to shape and train students. At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, we make education interesting, challenging and fun for all the students who aspire to achieve academic brilliance.

More than anything, we at Sivasakthi Vidyalaya make sure that our students not only achieve academic brilliance but also go the extra mile to shape students' career and guide our students to excel in life.

Our Vision

At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, we strive to raise progressive and forward thinking citizens who will play a major part in the development of our society. We also believe that academic grades are just a part of the education stream, as we make sure that our students receive outstanding intellectual, emotional, as well as social grooming, allowing students to override all the challenges in life.

Our Mission

At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, our mission is to offer top quality education to students, which will evolve as time progresses and as significant global changes get registered in the area of science, education, arts and commerce. Sivasakthi Vidyalaya takes sincere efforts to offer top class educational facilities that carry the stamp of globe's finest institutions. At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, we expend efforts to create an environment that is conducive for students to nurture their progressive thinking. At Sivasakthi Vidyalaya, we produce unrestrained efforts to bring hidden talents of students out into the open, and guide students to sharpen their potentials and excel in life.